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Our Products


We carry a wide range of fabrics from woven to knitted and beyond that we keep in stock in U.S.A and our Asia factories for

immediate shipment at competitive prices.. A list of the most common fabrics that we currently import is listed below, if you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are currently looking for.

Poly Twill

Poly/Cotton Twill

Cotton Canvas

Poly Poplin

Poly/Cotton Poplin




Laundry Mesh

Poly/Cotton Sheeting

Cotton Indigo Denim 

Felt blanket fabric

Quilted Lining


Sweat Fleece 11 & 14oz. Lin. Polly/Cotton

Terry Cloth 




Sheet set (Prints and Solids)

Pillow Case (Prints & Solids)


Women's/Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Women's/Men's Briefs 

Women's Bra

Uniform Shirts

Uniform Pants

PPE Products

We have many different verity of disposable products available, depending on your needs we may even be able to provide your company with a specific item even if we do not carry it, so please do not hesitate asking us for what you requirements are and what you're currently in need of. 

Depending on the item, all of our disposable products are FDA/CE approved with certificates available upon request when placing an order. 

Below is a list of Disposable Products that we currently carry

Surgical Mask

Disposable Mask

KN95 Mask

N95 Niosh Mask

Honeywell Mask

Industrial Gloves 6 Mil.

Medical Gloves 4 Mil.

Disposable Gowns (All Levels)

None Disposable Gowns

Shoe Covering (none slip)

Face Shield



Disposable Head Covering